Public speaking

Experts Live Netherlands

Robbe Van den Daele

4 June 2024

I spoke together with my colleague Thijs Lecomte at Experts Live, where we talked about how we architecture a Security Operations Center on top of Defender XDR and Microsoft Sentinel. It was an amazing experience, and I definitely recommend going to the conference! If you missed the session, you can find the slide deck below.

Belgium Microsoft Cloud & Security Community

Robbe Van den Daele

30 November 2023

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you do not need to fear the result of a hundred battles." ~ Sun Tzu ⚔

I spoke at the Belgian Microsoft Cloud & Security Community on the 30th of November, hosted at The Collective Consulting. I talked about how we can leverage various MITRE toolsets in combination with the Microsoft Security stack, so we can arm us with vital knowledge about ourselves and our enemies.

Microsoft Sentinel User Forum

Robbe Van den Daele

26 October 2023

Together with my colleague Louis Mastelinck, we talked on the Microsoft Sentinel user forum about Microsoft Sentinel data ingestion and avoiding alert fatigue. If you missed out on the session, you can find the slide deck below.


Robbe Van den Daele

22 June 2023

My first public speaking experience! I spoke together with my colleague Sander Bougrine on MC2MC, where we deep dived into how to integrate 3th part data connectors with Microsoft Sentinel.